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Struggling with Patient Buy-in?
Struggling with Patient Buy-in?

Struggling with Patient Buy-in?

Show Your Patients What’s Wrong and What’s Going to Change

You spend money on marketing and advertising.  You finally get some new patients to give you a shot.  But most no show or drop out of care far sooner than your business model will support. 

It’s a reality with which nearly every new chiropractor struggles.  It is very difficult to generate and maintain patient buy-in when you are relying on your words or old and gimmicky technology.  Your passion can only carry you so far before you burn out.  And temperature readings and posture scans only have so much effect. 

It’s time to use something else.  It’s time to use software that protects you against burn out and dramatically improves patient buy-in. 

Give Them a No-Brainer Decision

Over the last decade, movement assessment has done nothing but gain momentum.  Whether in the chiropractic office, sports training facility, or on software applications, everything is migrating toward assessing and correcting movement flaws. 

If this is the case, why aren’t you using something that leverages this reality?  Why aren’t you reducing your motivational efforts and passing that on to something that generates immediate buy-in with virtually no effort?  Why aren’t you giving TeleCare Rx software a try?

See It to Believe It

This saying is extremely relevant in the chiropractic clinic.  With skepticism still surrounding our profession, having an educational tool that generates immediate buy-in is a must.  This is not only true on the first few visits, but it is equally important to reestablish buy-in with each assessment comparison.

Imagine if every one of your patients not only felt better but got competitive with their functionality.  Just think of how great it would be if patients stuck around after experiencing a little bit of pain relief.  Consider how your bottom-line would improve if patients were asking for more of your services. 

It’s true for the patient and it’s true for you as well.  You must see it to believe it so smash that button and…

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